Chris Evans Quits Top Gear

Chris Evans Quits Top Gear

One of the new main hosts of Top Gear on the BBC, Chris Evans, is leaving his position. 

Viewership of the show has been dropping steadily since the latest season of Top Gear hit television, with viewers everywhere complaining that the new team of six hosts can’t compete with the previous trio of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May. Chris Evans in particular has been criticized for his shouting and feigned excitement.

“Stepping down from Top Gear. Gave it my best shot but sometimes that’s not enough,” Evans wrote on Twitter. “I have never worked with a more committed and driven team than the team I have worked with over the last 12 months,” he said in a statement released by the BBC. “I remain a huge fan of the show, always have been, always will be.”

The new Top Gear hasn’t been without its struggles. Evans apparently had many heated arguments with producers of the show, particularly BBC2 controller Kim Shillinglaw, who he felt was micro-managing him too much. Matt LeBlanc, the other lead host on the revamped Top Gear has also complained about Evans, claiming that if Chris didn’t leave the show, he would. Well, it seems like LeBlanc got his wish.

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The first taping of a studio segment for the latest Top Gear should have offered some clues that Evans wouldn’t last too long. It apparently took him more than 10 takes to complete his opening monologue, after which he became upset with how quiet the studio audience was, eventually going off on a swearing rant.

There is no word yet on whether or not a replacement for Evans will be found, or if the one of the other hosts, possibly Chris Harris or Rory Reid, will step in to take his place.

  • MXJ222

    Quit? No, he was FIRED.

  • Noe

    The remaining team are all very capable ‘car people’

    but for a show, a car show such as this, to work it needs presenters that appeal to the masses – both car and those marginally interested in cars – otherwise it will crater

    The remaining team are all so very ‘car focused’/ ‘car people’ that they are quite boring

    Chris Harris for example ( the best of the remaining bunch ) is not exactly funny or entertaining when doing his car reviews.

    This shows presenters need to be more rounded – car lovers, good drivers, entertainers and able to do other things related to cars that make people think and smile – ewan mcgregor would be good as an example but he is bike guy

  • Eric Cameron

    I agree, but I think that’s what Matt LeBlanc is doing. He’s not too car “savvy,” but he does have a sense of humour and attracts the American audience well. I think he fits the Top Gear atmosphere perfectly and I enjoy his parts in the show.

  • Noe

    yowza …. i forgot he was an actor !

  • craigcole

    Good news here, I think. He was in over his head from day one.

  • jimbo124816

    The main problem Chris Evans had was…he’s not Jeremy Clarkson

  • jimbo124816

    He “quit” because his passkey no longer worked in the employees’ door lock and his password was changed for the Computer access.

  • smartacus

    Opening for Ben Collins or Tiff Needel