Ford GT Buyers Offered Lots of Color Choices


The lucky few who manage to purchase a Ford GT will have a pretty wide range of color combinations to choose from. 

For the first time ever, Ford will offer five different colors for the brake calipers along with different coating options for the exposed carbon fiber used on the GT. For the main exterior colors, buyers will have eight options, all of which are also available for the GT’s optional racing stripes.

The brake calipers will be available in silver, blue, orange, black and red while the visible carbon fiber can have a gloss, matte or shadow black finish, depending on the owner’s preference. The eight available exterior colors consist of: frozen white, shadow black, ingot silver, liquid grey, liquid blue, liquid red, triple yellow and matte black.

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To brighten the interior up a bit, the exterior color of the car is used on the seat backs while the passenger side instrument panel also gets a splash of color. Ford points out that the satin finish and colors intensify as they move away from the driver to help minimize distraction.

For 2017, just 200 units of the GT will be produced, with each costing roughly $400,000.

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  • smartacus

    it’s interesting that they don’t offer trendy yellow calipers.