Ford Requiring ‘Clean Room’ at Dealerships to Service Ford GT


Ford dealerships will have to make a sizable investment in order to service the Ford GT.

Since it’s the most expensive car the company has ever sold, Ford is making sure its owners feel like it is worth the price. According to an internal dealer document acquired by All Ford Mustangs, dealerships will have to invest at least $30,000 in unique equipment and a specialized transport trailer in order to service the Ford GT. Only certified Ford GT service dealers will be able to purchase repair parts or submit warranty claims, and there will even be a possibility that a Multimatic “Fly-in Doctor” is called in to troubleshoot or service the car. For major repairs, the car will actually be shipped back to Multimatic’s vehicle assembly and repair facility.

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Only Master Ford technicians will be eligible for Ford GT technical training at Multimatic’s facility in Markham, Ontario and for warranty work, dealers will be required to pick up and deliver the car with a specialized transport trailer. In unique circumstances, a certified technician may be required to perform repairs at the client’s home.

But the list of shop requirements is eye-opening, with a “clean room” work area being necessary for Ford Performance vehicles. “This area should be limited to the Ford GT certified technician and the Ford GT designated member of service management when a Ford GT is being serviced,” read the internal memo.

As for the unique equipment, a set of four GoJak 4520 wheel lift dollies with rolling dolly rack will be necessary to service the Ford GT, and that sports a $1,500 price tag. A transmission jack adapter will cost $700 for dealers while technician training is variable.

[Source: All Ford Mustangs]

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