Formula E Reveals Bold New Look for 2016 Race Cars

Formula E has introduced a new look for its third race season that is set to kick off this October.

The race series has introduced a new front wing for the 2016/2017 race season that helps make the fully electric single-seater race car look even more aggressive. The two-tier wing also helps ensure Formula E racers are unique, creating a look that is different than any other race car out there.

This season will also be the first time that teams are allowed to make changes to their race cars, and the cars will not only be better but lighter as well. Power output this year will remain at 200 kW, although it will increase to 220 kW next year and 250 kW for the fifth year of competition. The regenerative braking level will also increase from 100 kW to 150 kW while weight drops slightly from 888 kilograms to 880 kg.

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The first public debut for the new Formula E race cars will take place during a group test at Donington Park on August 23.

“Formula E aims to be different, and this new front wing creates a look that’s different to every other car out there,” said Formula E CEO Alejandro Agag. “I think this is a great addition to our car and further emphasizes the fact that this is a modern, forward-thinking championship that is taking a completely different approach to all other racing series.”