Here’s What the Staff at Koenigsegg Drive

Koenigsegg builds some of the fastest and most meticulously constructed cars on the planet, but what do they drive home after a long day at work? 

Koenigsegg staff recently gathered for a family day where they were invited to bring their loved ones and prized vehicles to show off. As you may expect, it is clear that a lot of workers at the Swedish supercar company are passionate about automobiles based on what they choose to drive. And no, they’re not all Saabs!

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A love for American muscle is clearly shared among the Swedish workers, who brought a 1969 Camaro SS, a last-generation Mustang, a Ram 1500 and even an older Mercury. More than a few of the cars are custom tuned as well, with one employee sporting a Nissan 200SX with more than one horsepower per kilogram.


Easily one of the best custom upgrades seen is this kid’s toy-turned car carpet, installed in a nice looking Opel Kadett that is packing a 240-horsepower 2.0-liter engine. That’s a big boost compared to the car’s standard 65-hp 1.2-liter.

And if you’re wondering what CEO Christian Von Koenigsegg drives, he’s on record gushing about his Tesla Model S and how he thinks it’s better than the BMW M5.

Scroll through the entire gallery too see the machines that Koenigsegg workers drive.

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