Hyundai Pickup Truck Won’t Arrive Before 2020 if Greenlit

Don’t expect to see a production Hyundai pickup truck go on sale before 2020.

The Korean automaker made a surprising debut at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show, unveiling the Santa Cruz pickup truck concept. Since then, there has been plenty of buzz that Hyundai would push it to production, adding a compact pickup to its expanding lineup.

Speaking about these rumors in a recent interview with Australia’s CarAdvice, Hyundai Australia’s chief operating officer, Scott Grant, confirmed that even if the Hyundai pickup truck gets approved, it won’t be “this side of 2020.”

Grant did confirm that the Korean automaker is “looking at the vehicle quite seriously, but there is yet to be a commitment to produce.”

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If you’re looking for good news however, Grant did say that the company is working towards something and that the response from the higher-ups is a slightly different message. “In the past we’ve been proposing, [the response has been] ‘yes thanks for information, we will consider,’ to now being a ‘yes there’s a similar requirement in other markets,’ so we’re working towards something.”

Perhaps more interesting is that Hyundai could be looking into a full-size pickup, rather than a toned-down compact like the Santa Cruz concept. Grant added that other world regions were demanding such a vehicle and that it was recently a topic at a global executive council meeting among 20 key export regions in February.

[Source: CarAdvice]

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