Indiana Police Have Ticketed Over 100 People for Driving Too Slow in the Left Lane

Indiana Police Have Ticketed Over 100 People for Driving Too Slow in the Left Lane

The state of Indiana is cracking down on motorists driving too slowly in the left lane.

In the first year of the State’s highway slowpokes law, state police issued 109 tickets and at least 1,535 warnings to drivers that didn’t move from the left lane when they should reasonably know another vehicle is trying to overtake them. The law went into effect last July.

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State police told local television that the law’s intent isn’t to penalize drivers for not yielding to others going 95 mph, but to discourage inconsiderate drivers that drive slowly in the left lane – something we have all likely experienced. Naturally the law isn’t in effect when there’s traffic or bad weather.

When the law went into effect last year, tickets would max out at $500 for being a slowpoke in the left lane, although the state said they would likely be in the $100 to $200 range.

[Source: WSBT]

  • Noe

    If only the police in Japan would do that – as a side operation with the government they could make up the deficit in such a short time ………. majority would also come from the old duffers whom are also who the government struggle to get anything from but they all extracting their bubble economy retirement amounts

  • craigcole

    Good! Let’s Americans some lane discipline; you drive on the right and PASS on the left.

  • smartacus

    this is a step in the right direction to increasing safety.

  • Malforus

    This is a huge component of transit policing so many areas are missing out on. Actually policing of the rate of flow is a huge value add that the Police can do and routinely don’t. So many lost millions in backups due to simple things like maintaining the flow of traffic.