Lamborghini Aventador Spied Sporting a Facelift

The Lamborghini Aventador is getting a facelift.

In order to keep its top-level exotic car fresh, the Italian automaker is giving it some changes to the exterior, while a slight power bump is also expected in the performance department. It appears that the Aventador’s facelift will be inspired by the Aventador SV, with a revised front end that’s sleeker and more aggressive. The rear is also being overhauled quite a bit with extra air intakes on top of the rear fenders.

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It’s unclear how much more performance Lamborghini intends to give the Aventador, but it’s reasonable to think 20 to 40 horsepower is in the works to further set it apart from the Lamborghini Huracan.

The company hasn’t announced when it will debut yet, but it could be as soon as the 2016 Paris Motor Show in October. There’s a better chance however, that Lamborghini will wait until the 2017 Geneva Motor Show next March, where all the supercars gather to play.

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