One Dealer is Charging a $50,000 Markup on the Acura NSX

One Dealer is Charging a $50,000 Markup on the Acura NSX

The second-generation Acura NSX isn’t cheap to begin with, but at least one dealer is already charging a hefty markup.

A post on the International Vehicle Importers Facebook page shows a new Acura NSX that has been marked up $50,000 by a dealer somewhere in the Los Angeles area. The extra $50,000, which brings the total cost of the car up to $250,000, is chalked up to “current market value” according to the bill.

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The NSX starts at $157,800, while this car had enough add-ons to bring the MSRP up to $199,000.

The act of marking up in-demand cars is nothing new, with many dealers looking for ways to make extra profit on cars they know many people want. A post on from February of 2016 claims that a dealer was trying to charge a customer $10,000 to be first in line to receive the new NSX.

[Source: Facebook]

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  • mick

    Being one of the first in la to have one is probably worth it to someone.

  • Wh0 me?

    What a douche of a dealership

  • smartacus

    that’s a lot of faith-backed-paper-notes to plunk down for a car with front wheel drive derived aesthetics

  • Skye

    there’s an ass for every seat and there are allot of ass out there

  • getoffme

    See, this is yet another reason dealerships need to die.