Poll: Jaguar F-Pace or BMW X5?

Poll: Jaguar F-Pace or BMW X5?

Which luxury crossover do you prefer, Jaguar’s brand-new F-Pace or the familiar and amusing BMW X5?

Both of these versatile utilities provide plenty of sport, but one is British and the other German, meaning there are fundamental philosophical differences between them.

Starting with the Jag, it offers three different engines including a four-cylinder diesel and a force-fed gasoline V6. The top offering is a 3.0-liter supercharged unit that’s good for a more-than-competitive 380 horsepower; torque clocks in at 332 lb-ft.

The only transmission available in the F-Pace is a highly responsive eight-speed automatic supplied by ZF. All-wheel drive is standard.

Likewise, the X5 offers several engines including an efficient diesel, but the most muscular offering is a 3.0-liter inline six. Thanks to a turbocharger and direct injection, it puts out impressive figures. Both horsepower and torque measure 300, though this engine is probably very conservatively rated. An eight-speed automatic transmission is standard.

Differing slightly from the F-Pace, this BMW offers a choice of either rear- or all-wheel drive. But design is where these crossovers really stand apart. The Jaguar is clean looking, almost to the point of being sparse. In contrast, the X5 is full of interesting surfaces, swoopy shapes and unusual cues. Do you prefer simplicity or busy styling? If you like the former, the Jag will be more appealing; if it’s the latter, go with BMW.

So, which of these popular luxury utility vehicles would YOU rather own? Compare them right here and please, vote in our latest poll!

  • smartacus

    can i punt and say Acura ZDX?

  • smartacus

    haha made ya look :p

  • Constantine IV

    I love Jaguars in theory, and might even choose one to be different, but BMWs are generally better-designed, and this one is no exception. Anyway these vehicles are for moms, not men.

  • slmark

    Why exclude the X5M engine (567hp), 40e (308hp) or 50i (445hp) when stating that the X5 maxes out at 300hp.

  • Graydon Osborne

    Jaguar hands down is the best looking in this category, the F-Pace has beaten our the Porsche’ Macan and the X5, Q5, and GLE…. Now the GLE AMG is pretty slick looking but when comparing price and what you get for it along with what will be an award winning vehicle Jaguar blows it out of the water. This is Jaguar’s year to shine..

  • 0neTw0

    The F-pace isn’t on par with an X5. Its more inline with an X4 though better than a X3. I just took delivery of a 35t Prestige. I came from a 2013 X5 35d with huge 315’s in the rear. I miss the stability and torque. The Jag is fun but not the same.

  • RedCandy

    I’m trying to decide between buying my current lease X5 or turning it in and getting the F-Pace. I love my X5 but I saw the F Pace in a car show recently and liked it. The price is better too. I can tell there’s less room for rear passengers, especially headroom, and maybe the cargo compartment. Might go test drive the Jag. I do worry about reliability though. However, Jaguar has a longer included scheduled maintenance package/warranty vs BMW, which is always a selling point for me.

  • RedCandy

    True. I don’t get that part. There are several engines available.