Poll: Lexus LS 460 or BMW 750i?

Poll: Lexus LS 460 or BMW 750i?

Which flagship-caliber luxury sedan would YOU rather drive?

Given a choice between the Lexus LS and BMW 7 Series, do you have a favorite? You should, but if you don’t here’s some background on each of these highly desirable cars.

Starting with the LS 460, it features a silky-smooth V8 engine displacing – surprise, surprise – 4.6-liters. It delivers a healthy 386 horsepower along with 367 lb-ft of peak torque. A standard eight-speed automatic transmission routes all that torque to either the rear or all four tires if you opt for all-wheel drive, which is available.

The BMW in this mini-comparison also features a V8 engine, except unlike its rival this unit is unnaturally aspirated. Yes, with twin turbochargers huffing air into its 4.4-liter lungs the 750i is bestowed with 445 horsepower and 479 lb-ft of torque. Like the LS, an eight-speed automatic is the only transmission offered.

The Bimmer may have a significant power advantage, but one area where the Lexus has a distinct edge is pricing. It starts off around $73,000, roughly 76 large if you want all-wheel drive. In contrast, the 750i kicks off at more than $95,000! Naturally, the luxury of four-corner traction will set you back another couple grand.

If it’s any consolation you can eschew that big V8 in the Bimmer and instead opt for a turbocharged straight-six. This strategy will save a bit of cash, but it’s still more expensive than the LS. A 740i starts at a princely $82,295.

And with that, which of these large-‘n-lovely sedans to YOU like more? Make sure to vote in our latest poll, but if you can’t decide feel free to compare them side-by-side right here.

  • #1Stunna

    Lexus >>> BMW any day.

  • smartacus

    can i punt and say Equus? 🙂

  • Bryce

    I now own an LS 460. I used to own a BMW. The real difference: You will get to know the names of all the local BMW mechanics’ names. You will be taking your BMW to their shop… a lot.

  • Pesobill

    The wise saying is ” Lease German luxury cars, buy Japanese luxury cars”.

  • Vong Taing

    I’ll take the Lexus for sure. Lexus is the most reliable cars on the planet.
    My Lexus LS400 already got 300,000 miles and still running.

  • getoffme

    Surprised most picked the LS over the 7er despite its age.

  • Someone Who Knows

    No offense, but Hyundai has a long way in front before getting Toyota’s current reliability levels, and by the time Hyundai reaches today’s level, the gap will likely be even greater. Lexus is therefore a different world.

  • Tony Flores

    Remember the jokes that BMW stands for Buy More Warranty and Bring My Wallet???

  • nauticalone

    Which would I rather “drive”?…The BMW 750i
    Which would I rather own and maintain?…Lexus LS 460

  • MavusiKenpachi

    Or get the 7 series shell and install the Lexus engine. Perfect road trip car.