Tennessee Latest State to Add Slow Poke Law

Tennessee Latest State to Add Slow Poke Law

Drivers in Tennessee can now be ticketed for driving too slowly in the left lane.

The new law went into effect July 1, with $50 fines going to drivers who hog up the passing lane. Recently, it was revealed that the Indiana Police had written 109 tickets and 1,535 warnings to slow poke drivers in the left lane. Tennessee joins Florida, New Jersey, Georgia and Indiana as states that have passed a slow poke law since 2013.

The law isn’t meant to entice drivers in the left lane to drive faster, but rather aims to ensure that the left lane is used for passing and that slower drivers don’t clog it up. In Indiana, drivers need to move over if they’re blocking three vehicles, while in Georgia, blocking one vehicle while driving under the speed limit means a ticket.

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Tennessee’s slow poke law focuses on traffic flow rather than speed: “If you’re in the left lane of a three-lane highway and you’re not there to pass and if you’re impeding the flow of traffic, an officer has the option of writing you a ticket,” said State Rep. Dan Howell (R – Georgetown).

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