The Ford Fiesta’s 40th Birthday Celebration Included 40 Classic Fiestas

A historic lineup of 40 Ford Fiestas gathered to celebrate the model’s 40th birthday.

The special occasion took place at the Ford Summer Festival, where a Fiesta convoy consisting of classic and modern Fiestas set off from Dagenham in England and headed to Brighton Racecourse where there was a cake-cutting ceremony.

The 40 Fiestas that gathered were driven by owners’ club members, Ford employees and prominent motoring journalists while some very special Fiestas that made an appearance include the all-new ST200, a rare Mk 1 Fiesta Van, a Fiesta Fly Crayford convertible and the last Fiesta to leave the Ford site at Dagenham.

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Ford’s heritage fleet also joined in on the fun just a day before the event, bringing a silver Fiesta Mk 4 that was donated to the company by its previous owner with only 22,000 miles on the odometer. The automaker also brought a pair of immaculate Mk 1s, a 17,000-mile Fiesta Mk 2 and two original, unrestored XR2s, one of which was driven by a prominent European Car of the Year Juror who remembered driving it when it was brand new.

“The festival was a great opportunity for Ford to celebrate the 40th anniversary of one of its icons, and we were delighted to have such an incredible turnout of Fiestas on the day,” said event manager Katherine Chappell.

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