The Short List: Top 10 Awful Cars from Great Manufacturers


Fate is a vile harpy…

No matter how smart, fortunate or prepared you are, at some point or another, things will go wrong.

Likewise, even the world’s best automakers have turned out some truly horrifying products over the years. To celebrate these failures, we’ve cataloged the Top 10 Awful Cars from Great Manufacturers.

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Yep, it’s true. We all can’t be winners, nor can every single vehicle out there. It’s just not possible, in fact you could even say it’s dis-possible.

So, what exactly are the worst products from some of the most hallowed manufacturers? Great question! And to get an answer you’re going to have to watch the video above. No, seriously; we’re not going to tell you here… just click “play.”

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  • Can we PLEEEEEASE have a transcription of these?

  • smartacus

    Now that Aston has a partnership with Daimler; i don’t see why they couldn’t rebadge a forwo or forfour and make yet another embarrassing Cygnet.

  • ChiCarGuy

    Totally agree with the choices. Entertaining, too. Nice work, Craig!

  • Dark Sky

    Yes, that way we don’t have to listen to or look at Craig Cole.

  • kaffekup

    Pretty good choices. Although I seem to remember a car magazine comparison that the Lexus SC won. Don’t remember the competition, though.