Volkswagen to Pay California Another $86 Million

Volkswagen to Pay California Another $86 Million

Reuters is reporting that Volkswagen AG will pay an additional $86 million in civil penalties to California because of the emissions scandal.

The new fine was revealed in a statement from state Attorney General Kamala Harris, who is running for Senate. The fine resolves certain claims California officials made against VW under state and federal unfair competition laws.

Of the total penalty, $76 million will go to Harris’ office to cover the cost of the investigation and litigation of the diesel emissions scandal. The other $10 million will be reserved for government agencies and universities to study technology to detect “defeat devices,” the software that Volkswagen used to produce false results on diesel emissions tests.

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“We must conserve and protect our environment for future generations and deliver swift and certain consequences to those break the law and pollute our air,” said Harris in the statement.

The $86 million would be on top of the nearly $15 billion that Volkswagen AG agreed to pay late last month, pending approval from a judge.

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  • smartacus

    have they made ANY profit on those cars after all the fines and the buybacks?