Next Chevy Cruze Diesel Aimed at VW TDI Crowd

Next Chevy Cruze Diesel Aimed at VW TDI Crowd

Chevrolet is going to try to take advantage of Volkswagen’s diesel emissions scandal with a new diesel-powered compact car. 

Speaking with Automotive News, GM’s vice president of global propulsion systems, Dan Nicholson, outlined Chevy’s plan to go after customers put off by Volkswagen’s diesel emissions cheating. “There are a lot of diesel intenders and diesel-loyal people who are looking for a brand and vehicles to go after,” said Nicholson. “They tend to be more tech savvy than the average customer. And they won’t stop wishing for a diesel. And we’ll go after those customers,” he said.

A redesigned Chevy Cruze launched in 2016 exclusively powered by gasoline, while the 2017 model will be adopting a 1.6-liter diesel engine. Nicholson says that GM engineers call it the “whisper diesel” because of how quiet the new unit is.

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“I am very optimistic about the diesel market in the U.S. It has been abandoned by others and we are happy to step in and be the leader. Frankly that’s what we’d like to do,” he said. Currently, GM sells diesel versions of the Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon pickup trucks, both of which are hitting the brand’s sales targets. But selling diesel pickups is certainly easier than selling compact cars powered by diesel engines.

Volkswagen has already announced its intention to pull its lineup of diesel vehicles from the U.S., a segment that the brand has dominated for years. Certain VW diesel models are expected to remain until 2019 when regulations will changes, forcing VW to pull its diesels from this market unless they are redesigned.

The new Cruze diesel is expected to make 136 horsepower and 275 lb-ft of torque.

[Source: Automotive News]

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  • Rocket

    If they’re serious about attracting VW TDI customers, they’ll offer the the Cruze wagon here with the diesel option.

  • smartacus

    Cruze 1.6D with 275 lb.ft. would actually be…VERY impressive

  • Tony Flores

    And a stick!!!

  • Tony Flores

    Try configuring a diesel Canyon/Colorado with a long bed & extended cab. If you really want to beat your head against the wall, try the same & throw in manual trans. Good luck with that.

  • Reckoning Day

    Chevy doesn’t ‘NEED’ anyone, let alone loser VW. Simple.

  • Reckoning Day

    Who gives a shit ??? !!!