2017 Honda Civic Hatchback Finally Revealed, Hits Dealers this Fall


After concepts and leaks have been teasing us for months, Honda has finally revealed the 2017 Civic Hatchback. 

Those who opt for the hatchback model rather than the sedan or coupe will only have one choice in engine, a 1.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder unit that makes 174 horsepower and 162 pound-feet of torque in LX, EX and EX-L trims. Sport and Sport Touring versions of the car are granted extra power, up to 180 hp and 162 lb-ft of torque. That power boost comes courtesy of a high-flow center-mounted exhaust.

A CVT will be hooked up to the engine as standard, though a six-speed manual will be available on LX, Sport and EX trims. Honda says the car is expected to get 31 mpg in the city and 40 on the highway for a combined 34 mpg with the CVT, putting it 1 mpg behind the Civic Coupe on the highway.

Even more performance will be on tap when the Civic Type R, which will be based on the hatchback, arrives in the U.S. in 2017.

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Inside, the Civic Hatchback will be familiar to anyone who has been in a modern Civic, save for the back end. Honda says the car offers 36-inches of rear seat legroom with a total of 122.9 cubic feet of interior space. The brand claims to have the “largest cargo carrying capacity in the competitive set,” but Honda didn’t share any details on this.

Honda’s long list of active safety features is available on the car, including collision mitigation braking, forward collision warning, lane keeping assist, adaptive cruise control and more. Both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are also available.

The Civic Hatchback will be built at Honda’s plant in Swindon, U.K. Expect pricing released closer to the car’s release in the fall.

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  • David Jones

    Is there not going to be an SI version? All trims were mentioned including a new sport trim & the Type R, but nothing was said about an SI.

  • MikeinDenver

    Calling this a hatchback is a huge disservice to the classification.

  • Shiratori1

    The hatch isn’t as upright as the one on an Impreza, but neither is the Mazda3 hatchback.

  • Shiratori1

    Si will be in sedan and coupe form only.

  • timothyhood

    No, it’s a hatch. Calling it a wagon would be incorrect.

  • Mark S

    Agreed, but what is at fault – the very narrow trunk lid of the sedan or the very fastback look of the hatchback? Maybe a bit of both. Mazda 3 and Focus do a little of trickery and get away with it….Golf and Jetta are not even made on the same platform at the moment. Great that the Civic hatch is bound for the US, but will wait to see if it has the hatch practicality of the Golf.

  • Eric Cameron

    This is not a hatchback. It’s a fastback hatch. The only hatchbacks that look like hatchbacks are the Golf and Focus. The rest have too much slope on the rear, and effectively don’t have any extra trunk space. The only positive is that the trunk opening is larger, but not the amount of space.

    Also, what the hell are those big black plastic details on the rear bumper?

  • David Jones

    Oh, OK. Too bad, I was hoping for a hatchback SI. Thanks for the info.

  • roundthings

    It looks so similar to the Sedan I had to look closely.
    I wonder how long it is since the sedan has really outgrown the Compact size it’s supposed to be, a trend infesting most of the brands out there unfortunately

  • Syze00

    Remember when the Civic used to be the small compact car Honda made?

  • Steven Parker

    Screw this site on mobile, loads over and over, attempts to place ads where you’re about to click, then a huge ad covers the whole page. You are what’s wrong with the internet, I will never knowingly follow a link to this page again.

  • ZephaniYah White

    Actually, nothing has been confirmed yet. The models mentioned are the ones launching this fall. The only reason the Type R is being mentioned, is because it was confirmed a long time ago, that it would be in hatch form.

  • windel Vernon

    I like it, but it looks more sedan than hatch and would look even more so without the added spoilers. Reminds me of the early Hyundai Elantra GT.

  • Jonny_Vancouver

    So many haters. This is the best Civic to date. Available turbo from covered by factory warranty, excellent transmission options, faster, roomier, safer and sexier than ever, and they are offering it in almost every variant.

    What more could you ask for? Learn to Appreciate just how far this car has come, and just how much Honda is one of the few companies that are making an affordable car we actually want to drive.

  • Jonny_Vancouver

    Aye, but it seems like lots of sub compacts are becoming compacts etc. I suspect it has to do with car companies making room for city cars in their lineup.

  • Jonny_Vancouver

    It looks nothing like a Hyundai Elantra >.<

  • Daniel Weaver

    You’re right….it doesn’t look like a Hyundai Elantra. It looks like a Hyundai Elantra GT…just like windel said.

  • Eric Cameron

    I don’t think anyone said anything about not liking how the Civic functions. What they were arguing about was the styling of the “hatchback” design they took on this.

    I prefer the sedan and coupe styling over this.

  • Mark S

    No hating really, just let down a bit.Like the reviews so far and the lease of the base manual, looks a great deal. Was hoping for a hatchback with good utility that is just as good as these sedan and coupe reviews, but not liking that seriously sloping rear roof line as much as I had hoped.

  • Brandon Heller

    Not a hater, but I prefer the looks of the sedan. 90% of the time I prefer the hatch. In this instance the rear 1/4 of the car looks almost as if a sedan was hit from the rear. I’m more of a Golf/Jetta guy, but this generation of the Civic has impressed me.