Amazon Could Eventually Sell Cars

Amazon Could Eventually Sell Cars

The next car you buy could be from

The internet retail giant has made several automotive-related moves in recent weeks, including the launch of a new section on its website called Amazon Vehicles. It also announced a partnership with Korean automaker Hyundai to offer on-demand test drives, as well as Amazon Echo integration with other automakers that allow voice control for certain car functions like controlling the air conditioning or locking/unlocking doors.

Morgan Stanley believes Amazon is getting serious about entering the car sales market and could potentially start selling cars on its site.

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Although dealer franchise laws currently prohibit the sales of new cars online, used cars and parts are mostly allowed, offering yet another market for to enter. In the past, the company delivered a Nissan Versa Note car to a customer, but that was part of a one-time promotion.

[Source: Business Insider]

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