BMW Diesel Models Still Delayed Despite Approval from Regulators

BMW Diesel Models Still Delayed Despite Approval from Regulators

BMW’s range of 2017 diesel models are still delayed despite being approved for sale in the U.S. from the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). 

Back on July 15, reported that BMW’s 2017 diesel lineup was being delayed thanks to extra scrutiny from the EPA, though as of early August, the EPA announced that all of BMW’s models were compliant with U.S. regulations.

A concerned customer notified us that his BMW X5 diesel was still delayed despite the reports in the press that BMW’s diesel lineup had been certified by the EPA.

“Currently BMW is still pending additional agencies approvals,” BMW spokesman Hector Arellano-Belloc told “As a result, production of these models will commence once homologation has been finalized.”

BMW would not offer any details regarding which agency is holding them up and for what reason, though the brand did confirm that it is certainly not the EPA. “BMW is pleased that all MY2017 BMW diesel models (328d Sedan, 328d Sports Wagon, X3 xDrive28d, X5 xDrive35d) have successfully completed EPA testing and certification process,” he said.

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Besides the EPA, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) is the other major emissions regulator in the U.S. Passing CARB’s certification allows cars to be sold in a number of states that choose to follow CARB’s rules, including New York, California, Maine, Vermont, Washington and more.

CARB spokeman Seongyup Kim confirmed to that all four diesel BMW models have been certified for sale in the U.S. The information is also available on the CARB website. 

Since the Volkswagen emissions scandal, which involved the German automaker installing illegal software in its diesel cars that allowed them to cheat on emissions tests, the EPA has been applying extra scrutiny to all diesel vehicles. “There has been no indication that BMW’s diesel models do not meet all requisite emission standards or that there is a defeat device in the vehicle,” Arellano-Beloc previously told in an email.

So far, we haven’t been able to confirm why BMW’s diesel models have been delayed. It is curious that its gas-powered cars haven’t been held up, so we think this might be an issue internally at BMW or with another regulatory body.

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