BMW Takes Aim at Tesla in New Ad


BMW is taking a swipe at Tesla in a new commercial without mentioning the brand by name. 

The commercial shows a woman walking by what look like Tesla superchargers while pushing the tagline “wait or drive,” playing on the fact that so many customers are waiting for their pre-ordered Model 3 sedans.

BMW is using the commercial to sell its new 330e iPerformance plug-in hybrid, which will hit dealers this summer priced at $44,695. While this BMW and the Model 3 aren’t exactly direct competitors, BMW is clearly aware of the brand value that Tesla has built up and isn’t afraid to try and attack the American automaker to further its electrified vehicles.

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The new 330e can travel up to 24 miles on a single charge while it is rated at 72 MPGe. This will be BMW’s first plug-in vehicle sold in the U.S. that is not covered under the ‘i’ sub-brand.

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  • Toyota or Tesla Crap

  • danwat1234

    BMW marketing department fail. You diss Tesla, you get bashed.

  • Prez

    Ever driven a Tesla? Figures.

  • Gdoke

    14 miles on a charge? Typo? Otherwise not too impressive.

  • autoguide

    It was a typo. Should actually be 24 miles.

    A bit better but still not too impressive.

  • Imskeptical

    Not impressive at all. BMW shouldn’t even call it an electric car, if that’s all it can do. Maybe it’s better as a hybrid?