Chevy Spreads Teen Driver Safety Tech to 10 Nameplates for 2017

Chevy Spreads Teen Driver Safety Tech to 10 Nameplates for 2017

Chevrolet is spreading its Teen Driver suite of safety technology to a total of 10 nameplates for 2017.

Vehicles equipped with Teen Driver use various different methods to try and make sure that young drivers will stay safe behind the wheel. Parents are able to set maximum audio levels on the stereo, which won’t play anything until the seat belts in the car done up.

When activated, a number of the vehicle’s safety systems, like lane departure warning, park assist, forward collision warning and more cannot be turned off. Teen Driver also provides parents with a report card once the car is returned which keeps track of distance driven, maximum speed reached, speed warnings issued, stability control events, abs events, traction control activation, wide-open throttle events, forward collision warnings and tailgating warnings.

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Teen Driver doesn’t require a subscription to work and remains permanently available on the 2017 Chevy Bolt,┬áCamaro, Colorado, Cruze, Malibu, Silverado, Silverado HD, Suburban, Tahoe and Volt. To use the system, parents must register their kid’s key fob in the vehicle’s settings.

Chevy also conducted a survey of parents with teenagers, finding that parents worry more about driving then other main areas of parental stress, including drugs, alcohol, sex and academic performance.

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