Ford is Improving its FM Radio with Dual Recievers

Ford is Improving its FM Radio with Dual Recievers

Ford has come up with a new way to get clearer FM radio signal: two receptors. 

The system, which will debut on the 2017 Escape and Fusion, uses the rear window heater grid as a second antenna, allowing the vehicle to choose from multiple signals on the same frequency, depending on which is stronger.

“With dual antennas, the broadcast transitions seamlessly. No spits or wisps, and no hearing two radio stations at the same time,” said Andy Adrian, Ford antenna and reception engineer. “The system delivers the clean, high-quality sound you expect from a Ford vehicle.”

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Ford says this technology should also help with listening to the radio while travelling long distance. The brand offers the example of driving from Chicago to Detroit, where somewhere in the middle the radio stations will become weak when two signals cross over. With Ford’s new radio system, the brand claims there will be no interference at all.

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  • DoubleCoppers

    This whole article is garbage. First, two antennas are not the same as two receivers; “receiver” refers to the electronic components and circuits inside the radio portion. Second, radio stations don’t become weak when two signals “cross over;” they become weak when they are blocked by an obstruction or when you’re too far away. Third, the type of interference they’re referring to occurs because you’re in a location where two stations have similar (weak) signal strength. Two antennas *might* help if one of them has a less-obstructed “look” at one of the signals and the signal is strong enough for clear reception. Fourth, the performance of an antenna is measured by what’s called “gain,” which can be thought of as amplification. Window grid antennas are notorious for having poor gain, especially if they are dual-purpose structures like being a heater grid. Finally, this is not new technology–Ford is hyping old ideas, and the author is drinking it up like Kool-Aid.

    And BTW, it’s not Reciever, it’s Receiver.

  • mick

    I gotta say guys, he’s right. I know it’s the weekend and your just throwin things out there but c’mon. Let’s put a little effort into things, shall we?