FordPass Makes Finding Parking Easy and You Don’t Even Need a Ford

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The latest FordPass update has made finding parking easier than ever.

Developed by Ford, the app now allows users to locate, book and pay for garage parking in more than 160 cities across the U.S., helping save time and avoiding the hassle of having to find parking. Users simply have to enter their destination into FordPass and the app will display all available supported parking areas nearby. They can also see how much parking there costs, set up their wallet in FordPay and then opt to pay for parking in advance.

Parking availability on the app is updated in real-time, so users always have up-to-the-date information. FordPass even allows users to bookmark their favorite parking for repeat use.

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According to the American automaker, a recent Harris poll revealed commuters going to work or school spend an average of 14 minutes trying to find parking. Those running errands average 12 minutes looking for parking, and that adds up in a typical five-day work week.

FordPass is free and available on smartphones. Best of all, you don’t even need to own a Ford to use it.

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