Gallery: The Best Nissans and Vanity Plates at 2016 ZCon


The 2016 Nissan Z Convention was held all last week in Toronto, and enthusiasts from all over North America joined in on the fun.

The convention has a new location each year, and this year’s Canadian event was the largest ever gathering of Z Cars north of the border. Not just limited to Z Cars, a few GT-Rs and Skylines also showed up for the party. We even saw an old Datsun 240Z with Mr. K’s signature on it! Mr. K, otherwise known as Yutaka Katayama, is the father of the Z Car and lived until he was 105 years old. He died last year.

One of the best parts of attending ZCon is to experience all the camaraderie. Z drivers love talking about their cars and the passion on display was electric. Even though the cars here were competing against each other in a people’s choice car show, drivers were still trying to help each other out with spare parts and advice.

Flip through the gallery above to see some of the coolest Datsuns, Nissans and vanity plates at this year’s ZCon.

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  • Suman M Subramanian

    Great photos! Thanks for posting.

    Some say he has to keep the T-tops open all the time for his helmet to fit.

    Love the interceptor, though it probably gets a lot of unwanted LEO attention.