Gallery: The Amazing Cars in the Pebble Beach Parking Lot

It’s easy to describe the scene going on in the streets and parking lots during Monterey Car Week, just imagine your favorite luxury or exotic car, and then picture about 10 of them rolling around, making lots of noise and looking showroom fresh.

In a nutshell, that’s what its like here in Monterey, but it’s even better than that, because for whatever reason, there are more awesome cars than you could have imagined. There are Ford GTs sitting next to Ferrari 458s parked next to Fisker Karmas and shadowed by custom Mercedes G-Wagons. And then you take another few steps and you’re in the land of obnoxiously wrapped Lamborghinis or funky painted Bentleys. Lexus crossovers sit next to Airstream trailers, while brand new NSXs are roaming the greens of the Quail’s golf greens looking for a spot to rest. Oh and those million dollar Hypercars that were apparently limited in production, like the Porsche 918 Spyder or McLaren P1? Those are all here too.

2016 Monterey Car Week Coverage

And then you realize, these drivers, they’re going to the Monterey Car Week events, not to show off, but to see EVEN COOLER cars on display. Things like perfectly restored Lamborghini Miuras, or race bred Jaguar D-Types. There’s Anything and everything on display here, and it all starts in the parking lot. Enjoy this gallery of the cars we spotted while walking into The Quail.

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