Hyundai Teases Upcoming N Performance Brand with Mean Sounding Hot Hatch


Hyundai is hyping up the debut of the first car under its dedicated N performance brand.

The Korean automaker has released a video showing a camouflaged hot hatch ripping through some twisties while undergoing handling evaluations. After a lot of footage of tire screeching and a mean sounding exhaust, we can see the driver manually shifting gears and using a third pedal, which is great news for enthusiasts — N cars will come with manual transmissions!

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The hot hatch being flogged in the video above looks a lot like a heavily modified version of the front-wheel-drive Elantra GT, but we can see a unique grille and some aggressive design elements. When the production car finally debuts, we can expect it to have more than 200 horsepower, selectable driving modes, and a whole host of performance-enhancing goodies.

Check out the other N videos that Hyundai has released so far below:

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    what will this mean for the future of the Veloster Turbo?