Karma Automotive Plans to Produce 50K Cars a Year in China

The reborn Fisker brand will be producing cars in China.

Now known as Karma Automotive, the once American electric automaker is now owned by China’s Wanxiang Group. The company plans to build an electric vehicle plant in Hangzhou, China, according to an application for an environmental impact review posted on its website. The proposed project will cost $375 million and the factory will have a capacity of 50,000 units per year.

Wanxiang Group acquired the bankrupt Fisker Automotive and has provided financial backing to bring the automaker back from the grave. The Chinese company plans to mainly produce on the Karma platform at the plant in China with 39,000 units set for the two-door Atlantic.

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Karma Automotive plans on bringing back the Atlantic concept car that never made it into production. The sedan once known as the Fisker Karma has been renamed the Karma Revero, and production of that model for the time being will be done in the U.S. It was also reported previously that the Karma Revero will use a new electric powertrain sourced from BMW, while mostly retaining the same overall design.

[Source: Bloomberg]

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