Lexus LC F Rumors Heat Up with Hot New Renders

Lexus LC F Rumors Heat Up with Hot New Renders

The Lexus LC F is rumored to bring 600 horsepower to the table.

Japanese magazine Best Car has released renders of what the Lexus LC F could look like, with a bold front end that features aerodynamic bits and plenty of carbon fiber. In the rear, the publication drew a bit of inspiration from the Lexus LFA, and we have to admit the bumper and diffuser looks more at home than the standard production’s more refined, luxurious rear end.

Ever since the LC500’s debut earlier this year at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show, it has been reported that a convertible and a high-performance variant are in the works, both of which have been approved by Toyota president Akio Toyoda.

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A convertible would be a natural offering for the lineup, but the Lexus LC F is what has many wondering if Lexus will create a true competitor in the supercar segment. Rumor has it that a twin-turbo V8 engine packing 600 hp would be used under the hood, and Best Car even included a photo of a possible Super GT 500 race car version in its article.

If all goes well, the magazine believes the LC F could make its debut as early as 2018, giving both the Acura NSX and Nissan GTR a new competitor from Japan.

[Source: Lexus Enthusiast]

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  • Salmaan

    It looks great, I hope they make it naturally aspirated and offer a manual.

  • Sam

    I agree about the NA. Besides the Supra, Toyota hasn’t really made any good turbocharged vehicles as seen with how bad the NX/IS200t are. Plus after all NA is what makes Lexus/Toyota so reliable. I hope with the LC-F they use the LFA Yamaha V10 and improve on that. If supercar companies like Ferrari and Lamborghini can make such powerful cars avoiding forced inductions, Lexus should do the same and continue with the NA engine.