The Skinny with Craig Cole: We Respond to Your Questions and Comments in this Mailbag Edition


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The Skinny is my editorial series where I get to sound off on just about whatever I want, so I have. Don’t judge; you’d have done the same thing given the opportunity.

From Miatas and Jeeps to analog gauges and the Dieselgate scandal, I’ve shared more than a few pointed opinions over the past few months. Naturally, you, our loyal audience, have also had a few things to say in response to my sometimes unexpected ramblings.

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As a way of giving back, on this week’s Skinny episode, I reply to some of your questions and comments in a new mailbag installment of the series. That’s right, you’ve made your opinion known and now it’s my turn to rejoin, or rebuke you for being a presumptuous buffoon.

Naturally, the topics included are as varied as the demographics of YouTube, covering a diversity of subjects from weightlifting and stick-figure families, to one viewer’s burning hatred for internal combustion. It’s a whole lot of good stuff… nay, GREAT stuff. Give the above-posted video a look-see because who knows, you comment may have made the cut!

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  • smartacus

    oh no no no, Craig is still leagues ahead of Brian effin Cooley.
    That spanker spoofed 4 adults getting out of a Scion iQ.

  • taquitosforall

    Craig, golf clap. Make more like this – reader comments are good. Your reaction to the haters with a verbal dick punch is even better.