Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster Rumored for September Debut

Spy photographers have already caught it testing, and now we hear that the Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster could bow as early as September.

Australia’s Motoring reports that Mercedes-AMG will bring two versions of the new GT Roadster to this year’s Paris Motor Show in late September, the entry-level model and the new GT C trim that spy photographers have caught on camera.

It’s still unclear where the GT C will sit in the sports car’s lineup, with rumors suggesting that it will slot between the base model and the GT S based on Mercedes-Benz’s nomenclature. There is a possibility that the GT C is the result of the GT R’s development, receiving some of what makes the GT R so special like its wider track and upgraded suspension.

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If the Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster does make its debut at the Paris Motor Show, it coincides with a leaked roadmap that says it will head to dealerships by mid-2017. Following the GT C Roadster’s arrival, it is expected that Mercedes-AMG will offer the same variant on the coupe model as well.

[Source: Motoring]

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