Mercedes, Infiniti Owners are the Most Ready for Self-Driving Cars

Mercedes, Infiniti Owners are the Most Ready for Self-Driving Cars

Luxury car owners are most likely to adopt the self-driving future, but most consumers still aren’t ready to buy a self-driving car. 

According to a new survey from MaritzCX that polled 12,353 vehicle owners, about 27 percent of Mercedes-Benz and Infiniti drivers say they are “very interested” in buying a fully self-driving car, the most from any brand. On the other end of the spectrum, owners of Jeeps and Dodges were the least interested in giving up control over their vehicle.

In total, 48 percent of those polled aren’t interested in buying a self-driving car, although 94 percent of people surveyed were aware that self-driving cars are coming. Among Mercedes and Infiniti owners, rejection of autonomous cars still comes from the majority of people. Owners of the more driving-focused luxury brands also tend to reject self-driving cars, with 57 percent of Porsche owners and 56 percent of BMW owners saying they wouldn’t buy one.

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“There is a set of luxury owners who want a performance vehicle that goes from zero to 60 miles per hour in three seconds,” said Shawn St. Clair, the survey author and global syndication director at MaritzCX. “Those people are not in a big rush to give over control, if ever.”

The biggest concerns with self-driving cars cited by respondents are equipment failure and the cars becoming confused or disoriented in traffic. Vehicle hackers, legal liability and travelling safely around cyclists were also raised as concerns.

[Source: Bloomberg]