Mitsubishi Caught Lying About Fuel Economy on 8 More Models

Mitsubishi Caught Lying About Fuel Economy on 8 More Models

The Mitsubishi fuel economy scandal has gotten a lot larger.

Japan’s transport ministry has announced that eight more models sold by Mitsubishi have overstated fuel economy figures, and has ordered to stop domestic sales of those eight models. This is the second such order in the past few months, with the ministry saying that its investigation found the fuel economy on various models including the Pajero, Outlander and RVR were lower than what’s advertised.

“Our investigation confirmed that the fuel economy on eight models … were as much as 8.8 percent and on average 4.2 percent lower than advertised,” the ministry said in a statement.

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When the Mitsubishi fuel economy scandal first broke, the automaker admitted to using unapproved methods to calculate mileage for 25 years, adding that it also used estimates, rather than data from actual tests to calculate fuel economy from its compact vehicles. Domestic sales have tumbled for Mitsubishi in Japan following stop-sale orders by the government and expects to post a loss for the first time in eight years. As a result of the scandal, Nissan agreed to buy a controlling one-third stake for $2.2-billion.

[Source: Automotive News]

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    Nissan should offer the Renault 0.9T as an option in the Mitsubishi Mirage.