Next-Gen BMW i8 May Arrive in 2023 with 300-Mile Range

BMW is putting a strong focus on its electric cars.

The BMW i sub-brand hasn’t been as successful as the German automaker had hoped, but the company isn’t giving up. It has previously been reported that engineers at BMW are working on the next i car, known internally as iNext. That model is expected to hit dealerships in late 2021 and will either sport the i5 or i6 nameplate. Using an all-electric drivetrain, this new model will also boast BMW’s most advanced autonomous technologies yet, while offering a range of electric motors with anywhere from 136 to 247 horsepower.

As for the company’s current models, replacements for the BMW i3 and i8 are due in 2022. The next-generation BMW i8, however, might not arrive until 2023. Automobile Magazine reports that BMW will equip the new i8 with a trio of electric motors capable of revving to 25,000 rpm, while producing up to 750 hp. With larger and better batteries, the next-generation i8 is aiming for a 300-mile range. Other features expected are all-wheel drive, four-wheel steering, torque vectoring and an active suspension system that scans the road ahead.

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The BMW i3 as we know it could also see some major changes. The company is reportedly looking at three proposals for the next-generation model, one of which would carry on the current car’s carbon fiber construction. Another proposal looks at an all-aluminum construction, while the third is a blend of five or six materials. BMW has learned that carbon fiber construction remains expensive, despite the company’s focus on mass production in order to reduce costs. As a result, don’t be surprised if future BMW i models turned towards aluminum and steel, while using recycled carbon fiber wherever possible.

[Source: Automobile]

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