Tesla’s New Two-Year Lease Brings Model S Price to $593 a Month

Tesla’s New Two-Year Lease Brings Model S Price to $593 a Month

Tesla has introduced a new two-year lease program for both the Model S and Model X.

The cheapest Model S available will go for $593 a month, while the cheapest Model X will be available for $730 a month, though there are some stipulations. To obtain the cheapest monthly payment, you must get a base Model S 60 or Model X 60D and you have to make a downpayment of $6000. There is also a $695 acquisition fee and one month’s lease payment due up front when picking up the car along with a $395 disposition fee that must be paid when returning the vehicle.

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A driving cap of 10,000 miles per year is also placed on the car, though buyers can opt for 12,000- or 15,000-mile caps if they’re willing to spend a little more.

Of course the lease is not only available for base models. With a $6000 down payment on a mid-level Model S 75D lease, customers will have to drop $953 a month, while a top trim Model X P90D Performance goes for $1,628 a month. 

Only orders placed by September 12 qualify for the two-year lease deal. Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently said that he expected the brand’s lease rates to increase this year versus outright sales and now it’s clear why.

[Source: Electrek]

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