Volkswagen, US Looking to Settle Criminal Probe Over Diesel Scandal

Volkswagen, US Looking to Settle Criminal Probe Over Diesel Scandal

The Volkswagen Group and the U.S. Justice Department are in preliminary talks to settle a criminal probe into the automaker’s massive diesel scandal.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Volkswagen could be fined an additional $1.2-billion and it’s currently unclear if U.S. prosecutors will criminally charge Volkswagen employees. Since many of the company’s employees live in Germany, they would need to be extradited to face prosecution in the U.S. It is also being reported that the U.S. Justice Department hasn’t determined a specific criminal charge with Volkswagen.

The investigation is moving slowly due to complications with separate civil suits filed in three U.S. states.

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In June, the German automaker agreed to pay as much as $15.3-billion after admitting it has been cheating on diesel emissions tests in the U.S. for years. Volkswagen has put aside $10-billion to buy back vehicles from owners and will spend up to $2.7-billion over three years to enable government and tribal agencies to replace old buses or to fund infrastructure to reduce diesel emissions. It will also spend $2-billion over 10 years to help fund programs directed by the state of California and the EPA to promote the construction of electric vehicle chargers, development of zero-emission ride-sharing fleets and other efforts to boost sales of cars that do not use gasoline.

[Source: Automotive News]

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