All-Wheel Drive Dodge Challenger Coming by Year’s End

All-Wheel Drive Dodge Challenger Coming by Year’s End

Update: The original version of this story claimed that the Challenger Hellcat would be getting all-wheel drive. This is incorrect and was the result of a misinterpretation of the source story. The report and headline has been changed to reflect this. 

Before they move over to a lighter platform, Dodge’s muscle cars are in for a few changes, the largest of which is an all-wheel drive system for the Challenger. 

In 2018, both of Dodge’s famous muscle cars will move over to FCA’s new Giorgio platform, helping the Charger and Challenger drop 400 and 500 pounds respectively, despite staying the same size. This platform change was originally planned for 2017, though the delay doesn’t mean that FCA is leaving the cars untouched.

According to Automotive News we will see an all-wheel drive Challenger introduced before the end of 2016 known as the GT AWD model, a car that was teased at the 2015 SEMA Show as a concept. The all-wheel drive setup will be hooked up to a V6 engine.

In its final year before moving away from its current platform, a widebody rear-wheel drive Challenger, badged as the Challenger ADR, will be introduced as a special track-ready variant.

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As for the Charger, no major changes are planned besides some special edition models, including a new Charger Daytona that will debut before the end of this year.

The Dodge Barracuda, which will be a two-door convertible also based on the Giorgio platform, is still in the works, though it isn’t expected to be released until 2021.

[Source: Automotive News]

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  • Frank Yoster

    Buddy if they make this….this car will destroy in straight line races! Thank u Dodge!

  • ps

    It’s about time. How could anyone expect to lock down 700HP with only two wheels. Even my ’88 Mustang will light up the rear tires – and it is only rated at 225HP.

  • James

    Harder yet to believe: they’re going to add an AWD system robust enough to handle 700+ HP, drop 500 pounds, and maintain the price anything close to what it is now. At $100K+, which is the neighborhood I would expect for all this techno wizardry, the Hellcat suddenly becomes a lot less attractive, especially if there are significant growing pains associated with the new platform and drive format, which I would expect as well.
    On the plus side, late model year 2017 Hellcats should go for a song. Might be the time to buy.

  • Get_the_fork_out

    i have been saying AWD since day 1.. .My prediction, IF they make this car, AND the AWD can withstand a single launch with launch control……. 0-60 in 3.4 seconds or less

  • Alex Laverick

    Chrysler makes the worst junk in North america

  • Roger

    Really? I’ve owned Chryslers for years and continue to buy them until they become as bad as GM and Ford crap or shit Germans build.

  • Harry_Wild

    All I can say is: It is about time! All the muscle car purest have put pressure on the manufacturers to keep it only RWD with no AWD options for decades. But now, sales are down and Dodge has step up and has AWD as an option! Bravo for Dodge. I would buy one if the interior was a little more luxurious and re-sign the center stack to look more modern instead of looking like the 1970s.

    Also, AWD will make these muscle cars driveable in winter – where there is snow, ice and rain. That means more sales in these northern states and Canada!

  • Travis Loest

    So I’m going to star a war and say I want the AWD in 6 cyl, so I can bump it up an inch or so and stick light truck tires under it, weld on a bull bar/brush guard, and mad max the he!! out of it. But that’s just me.