Here’s the World’s First Electric Car Designed for Kids

The Firefly is being touted as the world’s first electric car specifically developed for five to 10-year-olds.

It comes from Young Driver Motor Cars Limited, a division of Young Driver, which is the largest provider of under-17 driving lessons in the U.K. The company recruited a team of U.K. automotive experts, setting a goal to design and manufacture a properly engineered small electric car, rather than the toys available for kids under the age of five.

According to Young Driver Motor Cars Limited, the Firefly handles and drives like a full-sized car and includes hydraulic disc brakes, rack and pinion steering, independent suspension, a tablet-based dash and an eye-catching body style designed by Chris Johnson, who has over 30 years experience designing for automakers like Land Rover, Jaguar, Ford and Volvo.

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Powered by two electric motors, the Firefly can reach a restricted top speed of 10 mph (16 km/h) and can be set to Junior or Experienced mode. An innovative and optional safety system is available that uses sensors to detect obstacles in time to bring the car to a halt when it is being operated in Junior mode, which has a top speed of 5 mph (8 km/h). There is also a remote control switch that allows adults to stop the car from up to 394 feet (120 meters) away in case of an emergency.

An adult up to six feet can also drive or be a passenger within the vehicle. The company also said that the Firefly will be sold worldwide starting next year at a starting price of £5,750 ($7,663) plus taxes.