McLaren Launches All-Electric P1, 1% of Children Rejoice


McLaren has delivered early on its plan to build a pure electric car, announcing a stripped-down P1 that runs on nothing but electrons.

Featuring a central driving position, like the legendary McLaren F1, the new P1 is the smallest car to ever wear a McLaren badge, and goes without the usual comforts associated with the brand, featuring a plastic interior that’s lightweight and easy to clean. Being an electric car, it also misses out on the exhaust note McLaren is known for, something the automaker has combatted with a factory-fitted audio system.

Bathed in Volcano Yellow, the only color available, the new P1 is a fixed roadster, and sports McLaren’s signature butterfly doors.

Featuring a three-speed transmission, the electric McLaren P1 will hit its maximum speed in just two seconds. Like all McLarens, this electrified P1 has been built for a very select clientele; drivers over the age of 6 need not apply.

Set to go on sale this fall, the car is also the cheapest in McLaren’s lineup, with an MSRP of about $500.

  • Noe

    Not only that but its an open top too ……… the McLaren kids get everything