New Toyota Supra Sounds like a Hybrid in First Spy Video


The first video footage showing off Toyota’s new sports car, widely believed to be the reprisal of the famous Supra, has been captured. 

The car was leaving from the BMW M Test Center at the Nuburgring in Germany, and the footage came just hours after its sister car, the new BMW Z5, was spied running test laps on the famous track. The two brands announced the sports car collaboration back in 2012 and we are getting close to seeing the fruits of their labor.

Though camouflage is still hiding the Supra’s true style, the audio heard in the video suggests that there will be a hybrid component to the powertrain, thanks to the high-pitch whirring noise heard that is generally associated with electric motors.

The gas powerplant, believed to be a turbocharged inline six-cylinder unit from BMW, can be heard in the video emitting a sports-tuned growl. Another possibility is a twin-turbocharged V6 that is said to be in development for future Lexus vehicles, which could also wind up as the principle power unit for the Supra.

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BMW’s new Z5 is expected to debut in 2017 as a 2018 model year vehicle and to be offered exclusively as a soft-top convertible, at least for now. Toyota’s new Supra is rumored to go the opposite direction, being offered only as a coupe, in order to make sure the cars are not viewed as competitors despite their similarities.

The Supra’s debut is pegged for sometime in 2018 and it is believed to be a model year 2019 vehicle, though at the moment nothing is confirmed.

Manufacturer testing laps are also scheduled for Wednesday at the Nurburgring, so there is a chance we will soon have video of the new Supra on the race track. Stay tuned!

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  • Randy R. Lebel

    What the hell happened to the prototype? Really, that is Toyota’s new Supra? It. Is. Boring!! Looks like every other car on the road. Sorry, but Maserati already have this car, get your own. Why can’t they build the prototype? That is an amazing looking car!!! I’m already bored with this and it hasn’t even been released yet!