Poll: Porsche Macan GTS or Audi SQ5?

Poll: Porsche Macan GTS or Audi SQ5?

Crossovers are hot, even high-priced luxury models. Two comparable rivals are the Porsche Macan GTS and Audi SQ5, in fact you could say they’re rival siblings, both being offered by the gigantic Volkswagen Group.

But which one do YOU prefer? Well, here are a few facts about each of them.

The 2017 Macan GTS is powered by a 3.0-liter, twin-turbocharged V6. It delivers a wallop, 360 horses and 369 lb-ft of maximum torque to be precise. All that goodness is routed to the pavement through an advanced, seven-speed, dual-clutch automatic transmission. All-wheel drive ensures this Porsche never slips, unless the driver wants it to, of course.

With the optional Sport Chrono package, the GTS can hit 60 miles an hour in as little as 4.8 seconds, a blistering time for a crossover vehicle.

As for the Audi, their high-performance SQ5 also features a 3.0-liter V6 engine, but instead of turbochargers it brandishes a belt-driven supercharger to multiply atmosphere. With tons of cutting-edge technology, it delivers 354 horses and 346 lb-ft of torque, numbers that are not far off what you get in the Porsche. An eight-speed automatic transmission is standard.

Only a step or two behind its stablemate, the Audi in this comparison can reach mile-a-minute velocity in just 5.1 seconds, a time that’s still VERY respectable.

But what about pricing? Well, here’s one area where the SQ5 has a distinct advantage, kicking off at around $54,000. In comparison, the Porsche starts at roughly 68 grand, a delta of around $14,000! You could buy a brand-new compact car for that much cash!

But which of these performance-oriented small crossovers would YOU rather own? Please, vote in our poll and if you still can’t pick a favorite, compare them both right here.

  • foofighter28

    I actually cross shopped these two, and the SQ5 just seemed a bit more pedestrian when compared to the macan

  • Rocket

    The SQ5 is more practical and a better value, but the Macan is the better car. You don’t even need to step up to the GTS … the S gets the job done just fine.

  • -hh

    The Macan S is a closer comparison to the SQ5 … and also the more refined choice. There’s more to driving than merely what can squirt down a dragstrip.

  • S. K. Yeatts

    These two cars are very similar in performance – but if you live anywhere that has snow or need a real back seat – absolutely forget the Macan. The SQ5 soars above the (almost drab by comparison) Porsche by a substantial margin… I have driven both cars enough to know the difference, and ended-up buying not one, two SQ5s. We live near a ski area, so there was no real comparison. The Audi SQ5 (with the Quattro drive) was the clear winner for us.

  • Patrick Oleas

    SQ5 is a great car, lots of bells and whistles, good power, great sound better value
    than the Macan S but interior color comes only in 3 choices: dark (gray), darker (black) and red
    no beige or mocha brown. I would buy the Macan with PSE in the colors I want.
    I like the overall appearance and the Porsche feeling I get driving it, IMHO.