The Chevrolet Volt Might Become a Buick in China

The Chevrolet Volt Might Become a Buick in China

The Chevrolet Volt could be called the Buick Velite in China.

According to Chinese website Autohome, Shanghai GM is considering branding the Chevrolet Volt as a Buick model in China, where the brand is more prestigious and sells in higher volume. The above photo reportedly was taken at China’s Ministry of Cars, where it approves new vehicles before they can be sold. As you can see, it’s the Chevrolet Volt we know it in the U.S., but it’s sporting Buick badging up front.

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What’s unclear is whether the Buick Velite would be produced in China or imported from the U.S. In the past, the American automaker tried to sell the imported first-generation Volt in China, but it was priced at around $79,000, making it too expensive to market.

[Source: Autohome]

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  • Eric Cameron

    Personally I feel like this looks much better than the current US Volt. The theme with the rear taillights matches the front of this “Buick.”

  • craigcole

    Not bad, GM, not bad…

  • jimbo124816

    General Motors kept the Buick alive during the Obama bankruptcy, because The Communist Chinese leaders love Buicks, considering them better than even the Cadillac. So even though Pontiac sold more cars than Buick, Pontiac got the ax.

    After all we have to cater to our new owners.

    By the way, is the Volt going to be the albatross around the neck of GM that it is in the USA? Since the Volt was introduced several years ago, I have seen about 6 of them on the road. Not a very good seller as far as I can see.

    Do the Chinese get a huge tax break for buying this overpriced slug, like the Americans do?

    Will the Chinese willingly pay $79.000.00 for an electrified $24,000.00 Malibu?

  • Eric Cameron

    I live in Toronto and there are Volts everywhere. I guess it depends where you live.

  • jimbo124816

    So that’s where all those Volts went. Does your government pay you to buy one, like they do here in the States? Most people here would not pay 70 thousand dollars for an electric car unless they got a huge tax break.

  • Perry F. Bruns

    Sales volume means nothing if not matched by margin. Pontiac sold more than twice what Buick did, but profit margins were minuscule and sometimes negative. You’re also wrong about everything else in your post and not worth further thought, but I did want to say this.

  • Eric Cameron

    But of course they are subsidized, but people in Toronto are in fact looking for an alternative to dinojuice. This is a fairly “hipster” city with some of the worst rush hour in the world. Prius’, Volts and Camry Hybrids (aka majority of taxis) are all over the place.