Volvo Plans to Launch Self-Driving Tech by 2021 as a $10K Option

Volvo Plans to Launch Self-Driving Tech by 2021 as a $10K Option

Volvo is planning to sell a fully self-driving car within five years and the brand will charge around $10,000 to equip the technology.

Volvo’s autopilot will be optional and allow drivers to turn over full control to the vehicle according to CEO Hakan Samuelsson. Volvo is already testing self-driving cars on Swedish roads and by 2017 there will be 100 self-driving XC90s sold to specific customers as part of a pilot program, though the self-driving tech will only be available in certain areas.

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Volvo is pushing to offer to offer autopilot by 2021, likely making it one of the first companies to offer a fully self-driving vehicle for sale. Other automakers such as Ford are focusing on bringing self-driving vehicles to ride sharing businesses, rather than selling the cars outright.

Volvo is also in on this market and recently announced a partnership with Uber in Pittsburgh.

Besides being able to spend your time on something other than driving, Volvo also claims that its self-driving vehicles will be up to 50 percent more efficient thanks to a better driving style.
[Source: Bloomberg]
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