Watch What Happens When the Ford Focus RS Drift Mode Goes Wrong


It’s a good thing Ford is offering a free driving school with each Ford Focus RS sold.

Equipped with a “Drift Mode” that helps make the all-wheel-drive Focus RS easier to slide, the hot hatch has become a fast favorite among enthusiasts. But there’s probably a good reason that the American automaker is offering a free driving school program with each new vehicle since, apparently, some people really need it.

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One over-ambitious driver either overestimated his car’s abilities or his own, sliding the Focus RS sideways into a cliff wall and bouncing off before landing halfway in a ditch. It appears the owner was part of the New York ST Owners Club but has since been booted out. Watch the video above to see the whole incident.

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  • Noe

    “drift mode” The cars are new and so they fall into the hands of enthusiasts that at least perhaps take care (or want to / try to – video in point) of their car. Meaning the nonsense of errors happening around this feature will be limited

    5 years down the road when the car is cheaply available in the used car markets the buyers will be completely different. They won’t benefit from Fords ‘teach them how to use it’. Its a disaster waiting to happen. Perhaps by that stage and/or by the time it falls into the even lower lever of buyer groups the electrical gremlins may have done their job …… or Ford on their software updates deletes the feature at a certain age of the cars servicing

    Another interesting feature that is added and is good when new though further down the cars lifecycle could be problematical

  • 49er4ever

    Your video is set to private, can’t see the Focus crash. C’mon, I love to see Fords crash!

  • timothyhood

    I’ve been looking all over for one of these and some yo-yo already got one and messed it up?!

  • Mark S

    Some of the reviews seem to be saying that the drift mode is really for track or empty car parks, not good for the road. That said, have no idea what mode this driving was in and clearly the car was moving at speed around that hair pin and then brakes applied big time. Looks like no one was injured which is the main thing.

  • smartacus

    does Drift-Mode include heavy understeer like that?

  • pywaket_1

    Somebody needs to practice his/her Scandinavian Flick…