2017 Kia Forte Test Drive: Here’s What One Honda Civic Owner Said 


We put a Honda Civic driver behind the wheel of a new 2017 Kia Forte and let him loose in California’s Malibu Canyons. What he had to say about his driving experience might just surprise you.

Here’s the video:

  • Mojojojo

    Really how about having an owner of 2001 Kia Forte drive a 2017 civic this is ridiculous ! Honda has tried and tested experience in building some of the longest lasting , fun to drive cars . Kia ( the other Koreans H little bro ) has been up and coming but this comparison makes no sense not even Apple to oranges

  • Tony Markovich

    It’s sponsored content

  • Eric Collins

    2001 Honda Civic vs 2017 Kia Forte? Really?
    You should provide an equally equipped 2017 Honda Civic for this young man to drive and then make a comment.

  • Eddie Wong

    How fair is this comparison? The 2017 Kia Forte has 16 yrs of advanced technology compared to the 2001 Honda Civic. Something as simple as factory DRL’s didn’t become available until just a short few years ago. No way to really consider the opinion of the 2001 Honda Civic owner. Hell, in 2001 didn’t they still offer cassette tape player options? This comparison is a JOKE!!!

  • Phil

    congratulation to Kia for finally making a better car than honda.,,. yes indeed, the 2017 Kia forte is better than a 2001 civic
    F**ING hilarious!!