Ford Suspends Production at Multiple Assembly Plants

Ford Suspends Production at Multiple Assembly Plants

After halting production of the Ford Mustang, the American automaker is suspending production on several other models.

Despite being the best-selling vehicle in the U.S., production of the Ford F-150 will shut down for a week at the Kansas City assembly plant. Ford will also temporarily idle three other plants over the next several weeks, reports Reuters. Approximately 13,000 hourly workers will be laid off during the temporary shutdowns with about 4,000 workers in Mexico and 9,000 in the U.S. Sales of the Ford F-150 dropped nearly three percent in September, with dealers having a 95-day supply of pickups on lots at the end of last month. The company will continue producing F-150 pickups at its Dearborn Truck Plant in Michigan.

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Production of the Ford Escape and Lincoln MKC will also stop at the automaker’s Louisville Assembly Plant for two of the next three weeks, while two plants in Mexico will shut down, halting production of the Ford Fusion and Lincoln MKZ. A third plant in Mexico will stop production of the Ford Fiesta.

[Source: Reuters]

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  • smartacus

    FORD CEO Mark Finkelman Fields is the worst and most inept character …

    since Annette Winkler the boss of smart car transformed the fortwo from an urban car
    to a gynocentric handbag accessory.

  • smartacus

    everyone knows you don’t have furloughs during a General Election.
    You are supposed to hold your breath till AFTER.

  • smartacus

    and i checked the numbers myself:

    Last month; F-Series was the best selling vehicle in USA
    with more sales than Silverado, Ram, and Corolla.

    13,000 furloughs right now is an indicator of weak leadership.

  • Aj Brown

    What is the reason for them temporarily shutting down the plants?

  • Jeffery Surratt

    I am not sure a 3% drop in sales is enough to justify the shut down. But, it saves money and keeps the supply down so the dealers do not have to discount prices to move excess units. I was all set to buy a new Mustang V6 in 2018, but Ford did something stupid and turned the V6 into a rental car option with no ability to upgrade to the better suspension option package. NOT, one of Ford’s better ideas. Time to buy a Camaro V6.

  • EFG2

    Simple straight calculation says 100 % of production / 52 weeks = 1.9% of production per week. So two week stoppage gets you 1.9 x 2 = 3.8% of production. Seems like a reasonable thing to do given the drop in sales activity.