Lamborghini Trademarks a Name for a Future Supercar

Lamborghini is dropping hints that a convertible variant of the Huracan Superleggera is in development.

The Italian automaker has applied to trademark Huracán Performante for various goods and services, including vehicles, clothing, printed matter and accessories such as headphones, games software and more. It’s more than likely that the trademark will be used for a vehicle and that Lamborghini is protecting the nameplate from being used on other products.

Lamborghini has been spied testing the Huracan Superleggera numerous times in the past few months, and the Performante name suggests a convertible version is also in the works.

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The Gallardo Performante served as the Superleggera version of the Gallardo Spyder in the past, so it makes sense Lamborghini will keep the nameplate alive for the Huracan. Expect the Lamborghini Huracan Superleggera coupe to debut sometime next year, possibly at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show, and the Performante version a few months after that.

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