Lincoln Continental Turns to Iconic Photographer for Latest Ad Campaign


Lincoln has collaborated with iconic photographer Annie Leibovitz for a new marketing campaign.

The campaign is called “That’s Continental,” and as its name suggests, it will focus on the new Lincoln Continental sedan. The unconventional campaign features a series of photo spreads taken by Leibovitz, which will appear uncredited in high-end print publications and social media feeds starting October 10. According to the American automaker, Leibovitz called on memories of childhood trips and the romance of the open roads as inspiration for the campaign.

Leibovitz has photographed celebrities, literary icons, politicians and high-profile events, but the Lincoln Continental is her first foray into automotive photography. The photos for the campaign were shot in and around New York City, and although the original assignment required only six photos, Leibovitz researched a route and created an entire narrative that was inspired by childhood road trips she took with her father.

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In the end, Leibovitz’s campaign features 10 photographs, telling a story with a nice backdrop of rural and urban settings.

“We partnered with the world’s pre-eminent portrait photographer to launch the new Lincoln flagship,” says Kumar Galhotra, president of The Lincoln Motor Company. “Annie Leibovitz is a photographer of substance. The rich, warm emotions her photos evoke, mirror the feelings we want our clients to experience on all their journeys in the new Lincoln Continental.”

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  • joecompute

    AH, I’m old enough to remember the original Infinity ads – gorgeous, but eventually you have to look at the actual car if you are going to own one. At that point, the car itself has to put on the show. Will this uprated Ford Taurus cut it? That remains to be seen. Disclosure: I bought the first issue of the Infinity “M” series after actually driving it for 48 hours.

  • kraml1

    Good point, Joe, having seen one on the road, I don’t think so. The front end is nice, but the rest of the car says Taurus. The modest price point reinforces the fact, that Ford isn’t very confident either.

  • smartacus

    i don’t usually find fault so immediately, but
    this is a patently miserable failure of an idea
    I don’t care who tries to say Oh she is important and famous.
    This has nothing to do with Lincoln.
    This does ZERO to help Lincoln.
    My goodness, what a huge mistake of Dany Bahar proportions.
    Kumar Galhotra should be given his golden parachute, just get out.
    Did that fake CEO Mark Finkelman Fields knowingly let him do this?