New Details on Aston Martin’s Hypercar Confirm It’s as Crazy as We Thought


Aston Martin and Red Bull Racing’s project is more than just an insane hypercar.

Called the AM-RB 001, the hypercar was introduced earlier this year boasting insane figures, like its $2.6-million to $3.9-million price tag and an all-new V12 engine capable of revving up to 11,000 rpm. The Wall Street Journal‘s Dan Neil recently spoke with Adrian Newey, the chief technical officer for Red Bull Racing, to get more details on the hypercar. Newey is responsible for designing the underbody for the AM-RB 001, which weighs just 2,200 pounds and currently has an unofficial figure of 4,000 lbs total downforce with a track-only package. That means theoretically, the AM-RB001 is capable of driving upside down across the roof of a tunnel.

Along with an active suspension setup, project engineer David King claims the 25 track-only units of the AM-RB 001 will have the ability to corner at up to four gs of lateral acceleration.

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The V12 engine will produce 1,000 horsepower and everything combined will allow the AM-RB 001 to accelerate from zero to 200 mph in around 10 seconds. What might be most impressive, however, is that Aston Martin intends to take what it has learned creating the AM-RB 001 and apply it to production cars. Aston Martin is proving the future is bright for supercars and hypercars.

[Source: The Wall Street Journal]

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