Poll: Dodge Challenger Hellcat or Chevrolet Corvette?

Poll: Dodge Challenger Hellcat or Chevrolet Corvette?

Which all-American performance car would YOU rather own, the supercharged Dodge Challenger Hellcat or legendary Chevy Corvette? 

Well, you’re going to have to pick a favorite and vote in the poll down below. No, seriously. Don’t you dare hit the back button without making a selection. We mean it!

Putting age before beauty, we start with the Dodge, which despite being a far younger nameplate rides on Chrysler’s aging LX platform, which itself is made from leftover Mercedes-Benz components. In any event, it provides MEGA performance thanks to a force-fed Hemi V8.

Displacing 6.2-liters (that’s a rather paltry 370 cubic inches in traditional ‘Murican units) this mighty engine nevertheless provides a furious 707 horsepower and 650 lb-ft of twist. In the Challenger it can be paired with either a Tremec six-speed manual transmission or an eight-ratio auto-box but either way torque is routed to the pavement through the rear wheels.

As for the Corvette, in base trim it also features a two-by-four engine with 6.2-liters’ worth of lung capacity, though it makes do without a supercharger.

Still, Chevy drivers won’t be lacking in giddy-up as this engine provides 455 horses and 460 lb-ft of torque in its most basic configuration. A seven-ratio manual or eight-gear automatic are your transmission choices.

As for pricing, the Hellcat starts at about $66,000, a figure that includes $1,700 for the pesky gas-guzzler tax. In contrast, a stripped-down Corvette can be had for around 57 grand, and curiously it sidesteps the aforementioned tax, saving you a good chunk of change.

So, that’s a quick look at both of these high-performance cars. They’re similar in a lot of ways but also quite different at the same time. But which do YOU prefer? Make sure to vote in our latest poll, though if you still want more information about each of these cars you can compare them right here.

  • smartacus

    i might just punt for the 640HP supercharged Camaro (and put 305’s up front)

  • ConcernedCitizen

    The ‘vette is a track car, made to handle Gs in cornering and speed out of the turn. The ‘cat is pure street car, made to go from point A to point C (forget B) with the most smiles and excitement as possible. For everyday drivers, the Hellcat is the way to go. However, I’m a truck guy, so……

  • Justin Ivy

    What part of “all-American performance” do people not get! Corvette and Challenger originated in the US. That makes the Corvette just as much “American performance” as the Hellcat.

  • Joey Johnson

    The ‘vette would be my choice………….to be compete with the ‘vette Dodge has to “supercharge” it or give it 10 cylinders (viper).

  • Todd

    I can pick up a girl and her 2 friends in the Challenger. Try doing that in the Vette. Plus it’s a base Vette. That’s like having the V6 Challenger. Everyone is going to be asking you if it’s a Z06. With the Dodge you know you have the top model and can give a big smile when people ask if it’s a Hellcat.

  • Chris Daigle

    I think the Hellcat is frankly a better looking car and has a better engine, but I voted for the Vette because it’s a better all around performance car.

  • Guy Moulton

    How is this even a poll? the hellcat looks good on paper but it’s a fatty and handles like shit. the Corvette is a Corvette… Power, handling, style- it has everything except the numbers (and that’s all the Hellcat has)

  • Guy Moulton

    You realize Dodge is owned by Fiat right? You realize it’s made in Canada right. The Corvette is built in Kentucky and Chevy is owned by GM- an American company. The Hellcat is not American in any way except the minds of the idiots who own them and think it’s American.

  • windel Vernon

    It’s almost an unfair comparison because of the Vette’s total sports car design vs. the Challenger’s comparably clunky body style. It’s not even apple and orange. It’s more like cucumber vs. watermelon.

  • meyerweb

    The Hellcat is simply too big, too heavy, too ponderous, and not all that attractive. If you need a really fast car (at least in a straight line) that you can put kids in the back of, I suppose it might be worth considering, but not otherwise.

    The C7 is a far more balanced machine.

  • meyerweb

    LOL. The Z06 is maybe a track car. The Stingray really isn’t, and really is a wonderful street car. Great handling, compliant suspension, comfortable interior. Lot’s of luggage capacity, even.


    Why not make it a fair deal and vote Vette or Viper. As they do both compete against each other on the track. What idiot decided this poll.