Shed a Tear as You Watch These BMWs Get Crushed


Automakers often have to crush cars for various reasons, and it’s never a pretty sight.

A video has surfaced via Reddit showcasing how BMW crushes its various cars, including MINI models, giving us a glimpse at the inner workings of an automaker that often isn’t seen by the public. Although many of these cars look pristine, they were used for testing and prototyping purposes, as well as marketing. Some may also have manufacturing defects or were returned to the automaker as a result of Lemon Lawsuits.

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We likely won’t ever know the exact reason why certain cars are being crushed, but it does appear that automakers do strip the vehicles for usable or recyclable parts before the bodies and chassis are crushed. But for us car enthusiasts, it’s just a sad sequence of events, seeing such great machines being stripped and shattered into little pieces. The video itself is quite boring, but it’s still pretty fascinating and sad to wonder if these BMWs lived their best lives before being disposed of. Watch the video above.

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  • Mariano Palmero